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What others have to say about us:

“Karola has been a key person with helping many of NATO’s staff members finding appropriate housing in the The Hague area. She has always been pro-active where she was contacting staff already before their arrival in The Hague to check their housing requirements to be able to plan visits and to make the house hunting as painless as possible. Personal approach, professionalism persistency and friendliness are comments I have received from our staff members who have dealt with her."

Mr. Peter van der Pouw,


“I was fortunate enough to engage Karola when I first arrived in the Netherlands in 2003. Her work was outstanding and I found myself residing in a very nice apartment within a very short period of time. More importantly though Karola has never let me down when I have recommended her to my colleagues. Now I take the step of recommending her to the LinkedIn community with the same confidence.”

Mr. Sean Cunningham, NCIA

“Karola is a detail-oriented and service-minded professional with unparalleled expertise in the real estate sector. She is very thorough in her approach, and always takes the time to listen to her clients' needs and to arrive at solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. I've been very happy to have worked with her and would gladly do so again.”

Mr. Tony Fonderson
EPO, Rijswijk

“Karola is very good at understanding what is desired, turning that into what is required, creating options from which to choose and then helping with business processes involved in property issues. After selection of a property, she provides excellent service in all aspects of the process, from financial to social, even to the point of recommending appliances, furniture, and colours that best fit the situation. I highly recommended her services.”

Mr. Joe Ross, NCIA

“I worked with Karola in several projects. Karola strongly commits to the goals of the project and never failed to deliver. Through her creative approach and eye for details that make the difference, Karola is also an excellent partner for developing new business solutions. With her professional and open approach Karola is great in building personal relationships and networks. Last but not least, with her good sense of humor she is fun to work with.”

Mr. Rob Daamen,
Senior Consultant, RSDG Consulting

“I have worked with Karola Grünenbaum for many years now and she is an excellent real estate agent, her clients get a first class treatment and she helps them with her personal and made-to-measure approach to get the best deal for them whether they want to sell their house or purchase a new house. I really recommend Karola's services, you will be in trustworthy hands! Susan Thomas”

Mrs. S. Thomas,
Civil Law Notary, Thomas Consultancy

"I wanted to thank you for all your hard work towards selling our home. We all know it was a difficult sell, and us being out of town did help the situation. You went above and beyond my expectations, and I feel that if it wasn't for you I would still own a house in The Hague. Thank you so much for your effort and continuous enthusiasm."

Fam. E. Verdugo
Internet Marketing Expert

“When I first joined The Hague, I contracted Karola for her assistance to help me finding an apartment. The main reasons for this request were the language barrier and the lack of experience with Dutch working practices. Also, out of one or two week-ends, I was not able to travel to Netherlands to prepare my arrival before starting my new job. She organized the visits of pre-selected apartments (14 in a single day, ranked) with real-estate agents or land owners in a very professional and efficient way. Hopefully, two to three offers were really attractive with exceptional quality of services at reasonable price. I signed one within a week. On my demand, Karola accepted to facilitate my settlement with contract completion for utilities. There is a cost to her highly talented services, but there is a clear value for money: in my case, 4-6 weeks of continuous search and preparation were turned down to few emails and phone calls with her, and a day planned for visits. I really recommend Karola's services, you will be in trustworthy hands !”

Mr. P. Trouve

"I learned to know Karola as a most diligent and clever person, charming and attentive also, who worked miracles for her clients as a real estate agent. She matches professional knowledge and abilities to a very mindful way of socialising with friends and colleagues and is a reliable contact in business and real estate."

Mr. Henk Marquart Scholtz, Judge in The Court of Appeal, The Hague, Amsterdam and Den Bosch

"I highly recommend Karola’s services to anyone looking for housing in Den Haag and its surrounding areas. She is extremely knowledgeable about the local market and real estate in general. She does an excellent job of analyzing what your requirements are and then presenting appropriate options. When we first arrived and started looking we were wide-eyed and clueless, but she knew exactly what to show us. Without her we would have ended up in a home that made us unhappy."

Mr. Henry Simmons, PMP CEH
Senior Scientist at NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIAgency)

"Moving is a nightmare! A million things to sort out and get done... packing, utilities, phone, transportation, and of course, where to live. I was completely baffled when it came to the Dutch real estate system and looking for a home in The Hague. Fortunately, I found Karola! Working with her not only helped me find the right home, but alleviated the stress of figuring out how to find one! Many thanks Karola!"

Mr. Glenn Botkin, NCIA

"You have the best customer service I have ever encountered. I couldn't have wished for more. You really made it easy for me. I wish that all companies have service like this. Thank you, Karola!"

Ms. Victoria Greene,
IT specialist at an Insurance Company

"It was a pleasure meeting you and I want to say that without you we would not have found that particular property. We were really not understanding much about the Dutch housing market and were quiet lost. You made it so much easier for us! We do love our home and neighborhood. You are very friendly, experienced and on top you do have empathic feelings which is making you the best realtor we have ever dealt with. Thank you so much for housing us. We'll certainly will recommend you to our colleagues and friends."

Mr. Anders Gangestad

"You're hands on and you're doing what you promise! It has been a fantastic experience and I am so happy that my colleagues recommended you to me. I was clueless when I first arrived. Thank you for showing me around and finding a place where I am able to feel at home."

Mr. S. Ferguson

"Coming from Norway to The Netherlands was all a bit much. So glad we connected and that were the one helping us finding exactly what we need to feel at home here. We love our home and it was so nice going on tours with you. You are very knowledgeable and efficient. Karola, we want to really thank you for what you've done for us. Thank you very much and see you soon at our house warming party."

Mr. D.B.G.

"I was so happy to have met you through our HR department and that you helped me and my family to such a nice home. It made our stay so much easier. Moving is so hard. And this went all very smooth. Thank you so much! I definitely will recommend you to my colleagues and friends."

Mr. K. Turner

"We had no idea where to start and what to do. We would have been totally lost without you - again. The 1st home was exactly what we needed at the time and now the 2nd home as well. You totally deserve a medal. Thank you so much for finding us the 2nd time a really great place ."

K. Mueller

"Thank you for your generous help! Certainly it has amazing meeting you and glad everything went without any hassles."

Harry C.

"I was lost and clueless. So very happy that you helped me and your service is very professional and profound in every way. You do know your way around and know what expats want, and your service is with a big smile. I certainly will be recommending you as the best real estate agency in town."

D. Laurens

"Dank je wel voor je geduld en het huis bevalt ons zeer. Ik kan niets anders zeggen dan dat jij werkelijk waar de beste makelaar bent met die ik heb gewerkt. En ik vind je erg vriendelijk. Volgende keer maak ik zeker weer gebruik van je service."

Peter van Dijk

"I would really like to acknowledge the fabulous experience we had in dealing with you. Our property went on the market and you have assisted us in a very professional way in finding us a new home. You are professional, savvy and you do know your stuff - backwards and forwards. And you were helping us through the entire process. Thank you very much that you gone above and beyond for us. You are very attentive, discreet and honest! So glad we have chosen you."
Renate Levy

"You are absolutely delightful, straight forward and honest! Selling my family home was not easy for me, and I did not look forward to it. It is with great thanks to you that you have saved me from this pain and made it very easy, painless and a very pleasant experience. Thank you so much for that. You are a great communicator and I will recommend you to anyone who wants to sell their home.

Fam. N. Peters

"You are a pleasure to work with."

Eric & Claire U.

"From the first meeting at the open house to the day of settlement, Karola was professional. She was incredibly helpful and nothing was too much trouble for her. Everything went smoothly and I am very happy.."


"A quick note to say thank you! Definitely a job very well done with so much competition around. As a repeat client, again I have received excellent service."

Oscar Bell

"Karola has rented my properties for many years and I can highly recommend her service. She is an excellent agent and property manager. She is professional, has emotional intelligence and is trust-worthy. K. knows the expat market as no other and is very well connected. If you are looking for an agent - look no further!! Here she is."

Bart S. , investor

"I met Karola in a high end high profile seminar in London, later on I was able to get to know her and I have to say she is one of the most professional, high energy and passionate woman I have ever known. Her creative spirit enables her to see beyond the ordinary and find opportunities everywhere. Her photography, book writing are extraordinary and her career as a professional real estate agent make her the ideal choice for anybody looking for professional guidance and advice in the real estate market she handles. I recommend Karola for any opportunities that might come her way.."

Jaime Enriquez, ATG/Ecommerce Technical Architect / Country Technical and Business Manager at NU Technology Inc.

"Thank you Karola for the really great way to work your miracles. I could not have done this without you!!!! Thank YOUUUUU."

Ph. Hunter

"In the twelve years that I have known Karola, she has proven herself to be an excellent realtor with outstanding knowledge of the Dutch housing market. Karola is trustworthy, willing to go the extra mile and ready to make a firm stand for her clients. Due to her very good (expat)network, she has been able to find the right tenants for my apartment time and again, for which I am very grateful. Last but not least, Karola is a friendly and lovable person who I would recommend as a realtor to anyone."

Tim G.

"Selecting the right real estate agency was a major issue for me being new in the country. I was so happy that you were recommended to me on Facebook by several expats already living in The Hague. They had nothing but good things to say about you and your negotiation skills. I was looking for a professional helping me find a great home, at a great price. And you certainly did! You are very savvy about what you are doing. Karola Grünenbaum was the right choice.

Marc and Belinda H.

Purchasing a home is an interesting experience when you don't know where to begin in a new environment. Karola was just awesome! The whole process of buying a home was a very good experience. No problems whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the way she communicated with us, always friendly and very knowledgeable. Karola knows exactly what she is doing - very professional and I have already recommended her to somebody. She helped me pick out a wonderful home and me and my family could not be happier.

John and Tania Sandler