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To hire STARK Real Estate is not a luxury but a requirement

To Hire STARK Real Estate is NOT a Luxury. It’s A Requirement…

…Let Us Explain Why!

When it comes to buying, selling, letting, or managing residential properties, you need more than a fly-by-night (or day) clock-watcher. You need a dedicated personal advisor who knows that trust is never a given – it’s earned. You deserve no less than the Stark Real Estate Team.

Think Bigger

With an international client base, Stark is the expert expat know-it-all you can count on. In fact, a mere 20% of our clientele are local. We’ve worked with household names the likes of Abnamro Bank, ING Bank, Shell, Glencore, Winterthur, NATO, Europol, ICC, ICTY, STL, Estec, EPO, OPCW, OSCE…we could go on all day. From embassies to prestigious schools to ministries, there’s no global client we won’t serve – and few we haven’t.

No Stone Unturned

When you partner with Stark, you can sleep easy knowing every aspect of your home purchase is in the best possible hands. From structural to financial to legal to social, we’re confident enough to tackle every aspect of your buying journey – so you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and focus on getting excited.

It’s All About YOU

We could talk for hours about our experience and relentless diligence, but we’d much rather talk about you. What you need is an exceptional living environment surrounded by top-notch public transport, superior local amenities, quality medical care, top schools, sports clubs, the works. This means you need to work with someone who knows the best places to buy – and with our familiarity with local Dutch customs and habits, you’ll never have to worry about your investment in The Hague.

Trust in Stark

With a broad support network covering your every moving, refurbishment, renovation, and styling need, Stark is the only name you need to remember when it comes to buying a home in The Hague. We’ll show you what it takes to make the best buying decisions for your future. So say hello today – you’ll be glad you did.