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Do you want to Sell, Buy or Let a property in Marlot?

STARK Real Estate is established in the area of Benoordenhout and has a broad experience with all kinds of residential properties for several decades. We can help you with the sale, purchase or letting of a property in the area of Marlot or any other area in the vicinity of The Hague. We have a built up a wealth of experience in the market in The Hague and its’ region. We know the area like no other and do follow the latest developments in the housing market closely. We are taking pride in our professional, reliable and discreet service. Therefore, we do achieve a maximum result for you.

Marlot is quite unique in The Hague as it was one of the first neighborhoods to be built from an architectural plan in the 1930’s. It offers peaceful green scenery while being very close to the city center. Many of the street names reflect the history of this area with old farms, the Hoogwerf, the Zuidwerf, the Blauwe Kamer and Hofzicht, as well as the estates Bavoy and Offenberg. It’s a beautiful area with some lovely estates. You find there the Louwman Museum which is a fabulous car museum, which you can enter by the N44. Furthermore, there is the Tennispark Marlot the exclusive Chateau Bleu Résidence.

Marlot is located next to Mariahoeve and the Haagse Bos, and makes it easy to bike or take the bus into town. It’s been called an oasis of green in the center of the city.

Customized Services

Real Estate is precision work and that is exactly what STARK Real Estate is doing for you! We offer you a wide range of residential housing services. You can enable us at any time if you want to SELL, BUY or LET your home. For all questions that may rise, you are assured of quality, transparency and custom made professional advice which is based on what you want. In short we work with you to reach the perfect solution.

No Strings Attached meeting

STARK Real Estate is your trusted agency offering our service in Marlot and we can arrange a no strings attached orientation meeting with you. We will explain to you how we work and what we can do for you.

Trying to settle in The Hague or surroundings, one of the very first Dutch words you may learn is “makelaar”, the translation for real estate agent. If you do need more information about “makelaar Marlot” or you would like to plan a meeting with us, please contact us.