You are planning to buy a home. Then the first step is to find a mortgage lender. Or even better: an independent mortgage advisor from Stark Real Estate.
Of course you first want to know in which price range you can look for your dream home. Based on the various factors such as your income, your age, your equity, etc., our advisor can inform you fairly quickly about your options. After the first conversation, the search for your dream home can start! You can search easier and respond faster to properties which are for sale. Once a house has been found, the same adviser can put together a tailor-made mortgage together with you.
Our independent mortgage advisors
Stark Real Estate works together with several independent mortgage advisers. They are not affiliated with any particular bank or lender. Therefore, their goal is equal to your goal. Namely: finding the best mortgage for your individual situation. A mortgage that best suits your wishes and financial possibilities.Once a house has been found, the same adviser can put together a tailor-made mortgage together with you.
What does transferring your mortgage mean?
Transferring your mortgage means that you pay off your current mortgage and take out a new mortgage for a lower interest rate. This ensures that your monthly payments are lower.
What does this service cost?
As with all other services that we offer at Stark Real Estate, the costs for our mortgage advisers are also the lowest in the market.
Make an appointment

For all your mortgage questions you can easily make an appointment with Stark Real Estate by telephone. You can get answers to all your mortgage-related questions at our office without any obligation. We will then ask you to bring a number of documents and data.
During the introductory meeting, our mortgage advisor can make an initial assessment of your situation.
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