Property Management

What is property management? It is the administration of residential real estate. Property management typical involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity. The property manager acts on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of the property while generating income.

What is a Property Manager?

A Property Manager is an individual or company responsible for the day-to-day functioning of a piece of real estate. Property owners typically hire a property manager when they are unwilling or unable to manage the properties themselves, perhaps because they live out of town, don’t have the time or don’t wish to be hands-on about the investment.

What exactly does STARK Real Estate as a Property Manager for you?

  • Advertising, showing and letting vacant units
  • Collection and depositing rent
  • Rent reminders
  • Annual rent increases
  • Resolving tenant concerns and complaints
  • Proactive notification of home maintenance requirements
  • Contact with services in case repair is needed
  • Supervising and coordination building maintenance and work orders
  • Commission gardening service, handyman service, cleaning work, etc.
  • Supervision during general refurbishment
  • General maintenance and service, service, service!
  • Communicating regularly with the property owner on the status of the property
Our team is happy to set up an appointment with you to help you with the management of your properties. Please contact us!

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